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How We Work

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To ensure we provide the most efficient, effective, economical design possible, we work closely with our clients to determine their long-term energy goals, starting (preferably) with a face-to-face meeting to confirm requirements and take measurements of your vehicle's future installation site.

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We draft a quote for the build, including a system design and itemized component list. If you decide to move forward, we establish a timeline. Before we start the install, you order your components, with our advice as needed to help source good deals on reliable parts.

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Once your parts have arrived, we begin installation. We invite you to work on your install as much as you like, to build knowledge and familiarity with your system.

In our experience, participating in the install gives you the confidence and basic knowledge to get the most out of your system, and—most importantly—the ability to handle problems that arise on the road. (Install includes customer support calls by phone for a year from completion.)

Why Go Solar?

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  • Be free to go where you want without worrying about power for basic, medical, or luxury comforts.
  • Meet your needs and budget with our customized systems.
  • Keep your footprint small with clean and quiet power from the sun.
  • Enjoy more time unplugged, making memories out in the World, alone or with chosen companions.

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