Full Solar Installation for Winnebago View

2013 Winnebago View

Class C Full-System Redesign

2013 Winnebago View getting a solar power installation


Solar panels installed on roof of RV Solar inverter control panel Solar components compartment Solar power components box

Client Wanted

Solar power for moderate off-grid electrical use to enable extensive travel, incorporating existing system for backup

Existing System

  • 30-amp service
  • Conventional 200 Ah lead-acid (AGM) battery bank
  • Generator but no solar or inverter

What We Did

  • Designed and integrated a system that utilizes the storage compartment under the bed for batteries and components
  • Connected the new battery bank to the existing electrical panel using a manual transfer switch so they can use their AGM batteries as a backup if their lithium bank runs low
  • Wired in the Xantrex inverter to the existing AC panel for full panel use while unplugged
  • Connected three roof panels to the system via the combiner box with no visible wiring

Main Components

Xantrex 2000-watt inverter, Victron charge controller, 3 x 170-watt Zamp panels, manual changeover switch, Xantrex remote inverter panel